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AGXactly Crop Insights has been working with broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and a variety of specialty row crops found in the Salinas Valley since 2019. The company has unlocked tremendous value for its clients by providing detailed reports on field stress and accurate reporting on harvest predictions to help both farming and operations. The company is a hybrid of highly technical team members as well as people from the farming community. No other company has such a narrow focus on crop type and team of experts to back it up.


According to co-founder Russell Cole, “AGXactly is an informatics company that focuses on helping farmers of specialty crops like salad crops, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce, reduce their crop losses and we also guarantee our farming clients will improve their operational efficiency when working with our technology."

How does AGXactly guarantee farming clients will improve their operational efficiency? Russell emphasizes, "We essentially provide counts of crops at its most simple form in a very simple dashboard for the farmer. We show farmers how their fields are actually performing compared to their targets. This information is given to the farm managers, which allows them to forecast their sales, their inventory, their packaging requirements and their storage requirements. It also allows management to compare and contrast all of their fields at the same time in order to best focus time and energy where it’s required most"


Perhaps what's most integral about AGXactly is the value they bring to the client. Russell points out that their previous clients have all been tremendously impressed. "We've earned our early adopters more than a million dollars for every thousand acres that we've flown."

Russell explains that challenges are vast for farmers all over the world but, "when it comes to financials, data, and statistics, it's about collecting the right data that the farmer can simply make use of very quickly and not be overwhelmed or inundated by."


For farmers who don't know anything about drones and the type of work AGXactly does, Russell describes his approach to new clientele, "We literally walk up to their farm or call them and say we'd like to fly your field for free. We want to show you the kind of crop counts you have and see if you can extract value from the data we produce. When the farmer sees the value they realize there's something worth paying for.”

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